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To run MethMarker:

If you have any trouble, you should first take a glimpse at the list of frequently asked questions (FAQ). If this does not solve your problem, contact us (and remember: the more information on your problem � such as screenshots � you provide, the more likely we will be able to help you quickly).

Some general rules for using MethMarker

You'll find the legally binding "small print" in the box below, but here's what we regard as the main points:

  1. We did our best to build a good piece of software but we cannot give any guarantee whatsoever.
  2. MethMarker is free for non-commercial use (i.e. use by non-profit organizations on non-profit projects).
  3. Commercial users (companies etc.) can contact us and will receive a time-limited test version of MethMarker.


MethMarker is Java-based and requires Java 1.5 or higher. If a suitable version of Java is installed, it runs on almost any operating system, including Windows, MacOS, Linux, and Solaris. To make sure that you have a recent version of Java installed, please check the following: Start a command line (Windows: type "cmd" or "command" in the "Start"->"Run" dialog) or a shell and enter "java -version" to find out your Java version. If it's 1.5 or above, everything is fine and you can directly continue. In all other cases, you have to install a recent version of Java�s runtime first. You can download it freely from Usually, the number 1 in the "Popular Downloads" section is the one you need. Install it as described.

Download MethMarker

  1. Download MethMarker

    Please fill out the following form and press the "Submit Request" button to download MethMarker. While none of the fields are mandatory, we would like to ask you to enter your name and affiliation in order to help us keep track of who uses MethMarker, which is very important for planning future directions and extensions for MethMarker. Please also provide a valid e-mail address. We will never share your e-mail address with anyone and we will write you no more than one e-mail per year, when really important new functionality is added to MethMarker.

    *: This field must be filled.

    At the bottom of the form, you can select between a MethMarker installation package that is specifically designed for Microsoft Windows ("MethMarker for Windows") and a version that runs on any operating system ("MethMarker for Java/Linux/MacOS").

     * To avoid spammers, please retype the character sequence in the left picture
    License Agreement
    Software Variant

  2. Install MethMarker

    • Windows: Just double-click on the downloaded executable file. The installer will guide you through the installation process. A start menu entry and/or desktop symbol will be created to start MethMarker.
    • Linux and Unix: Unzip the downloaded .tar file. Open a shell, browse to the unzipped folder and type in
      java -jar install_MethMarkerUnix.jar.
      The installer will be started and guide you through a short installation procedure. A start menu entry and/or desktop symbol will be created to start MethMarker.
    • MacOS: Unzip the downloaded .tar file. Double-click on the file "install_MethMarkerUnix.jar". The installer will be started and guide you through a short installation procedure. No desktop icon will be created. To start MethMarker, browse to the installed MethMarker folder and double-click on "MethMarker.jar".

  3. Use the demonstration data set

    Now it is a good idea to go through the Tutorial yourself, using the provided demonstration data (included in the download). This will not only make sure that everything works as it should, it will also give you the most efficient introduction into how to use MethMarker.